The Dosha Collection


The Dosha Collection


The Dosha Collection consists of Vata, Pitta, Kapha and Ojas Blends.

Kapha - Balancing Blend: Organic jojoba oil (unrefined/cold pressed), organic Bergamot (Italy), wild harvested Palo Santo (Ecuador), organic Eucalyptus (South Africa), organic Tulsi (India), wild harvested Cedar (India).

This stimulating blend is warming, revitalizing and energizing to balance the cold, wet and heavy qualities of Kapha.

The oil of the peel of Bergamot fruits (Citrus) reduces sluggishness, stagnation and depression. It is mood enhancing, uplifting and promotes clarity. Palo Santo has a decongestant effect on the respiratory system and purifies the mind. Eucalyptus. Tulsi (holy basil) purifies the mind, body and spirit. Its warming and clarifying qualities boost vitality and produce joy. In Ayurveda Tulsi is considers sattvic and especially helpful in Kapha related conditions. Cedarwood is both stimulating to the body and calming to the mind. It helps to create a deeper connection to spirit, facilitates meditation and promotes abundance.

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Pitta - Balancing Blend: Organic Jojoba oil (unrefined/cold pressed), organic Rose Geranium (South Africa), wild harvested Sandalwood (Vanuatu), wild harvested Helichrysum (Croatia), Vetiver (Haiti)

The Pitta blend has cooling, relaxing and calming properties to balance the hot and sharp qualities of Pitta. Rose Geranium has cooling properties, uplifts the spirit and promotes a feeling of well-being and vitality. Sandalwood’s tree resin is famous for releasing stress, anger and irritability with it’s cooling, balancing and relaxing effects. In Ayurveda Sandalwood is considered bitter, sweet, and astringent. Helichrysum is flower oil with potent anti-inflammatory properties. It’s topical application promotes skin healing and tissue regeneration. It soothes muscle and joint pain, supports clarity and calms nerves. Vetiver serves to ground and relax in this blend.

Vata - Balancing Blend: Organic Jojoba oil (unrefined/cold pressed), wild harvested Palo Santo (Ecuador), organic Clary Sage (France), wild harvested Frankincense (India), wild harvested Jatamansi (Nepal), organic Vetiver (Haiti)

This grounding and soothing blend is also nurturing and slightly warming to alleviate the cold, dry and mobile qualities of Vata. Palo Santo soothes emotions and calms the nervous system. It helps with restlessness and insomnia, enhances focus and promotes a sense of peace. Clary Sage is hormone-balancing, stress-reducing flower oil that induces positive moods. Frankincense is a tree resin that is considered purifying, inducing meditative states. It has immune boosting effects, and it elevates spirits. Jatamansi is a root oil that balances adrenal fatigue. It is rich in earth element which helps ground and calm nerves and mind. Vetiver oil comes from grass roots and is a rich, deeply relaxing oil. Its grounding effects provides security, mental clarity and promotes strength. In Ayurveda Vetiver is considered soothing, relaxing and sedative, cooling Pitta dosha and grounding Vata dosha.

Ojas - Replenishing Blend

  • Sandalwood is deeply nourishing and calming. One of the “3 sacred oils” that promotes states of well-being and contentment, it centers the heart and promotes a state of higher consciousness.
  • Champathefragrance of the large golden-petalled flowers of the champa tree is sweet, exotic and has transcendent qualities.
  • Jasmine (night blooming): instills euphoric and sensual moods, promotes confidence and optimism, love and peace. It is balancing and uplifting.
  • Cedar: promotes abundance, wisdom and strength. Its soothing qualities calm the mind and balances emotions.