The Life Force Collection


The Life Force Collection


The Life Force Collection contains Viveka, Prana, Sthira and Sukha Organic Blends.

Viveka - Sacred Blend: Organic Jojoba oil (unrefined/cold pressed), wild harvested Frankincense (India), wild harvested Palo Santo (Ecuador), wild harvested Sandalwood (Vanuatu), organic Ylang Ylang (Madagascar), wild harvested Jatamansi (Nepal)

The 3 sacred scents (all made from wood resin)  Frankincense, Palo Santo and Sandalwood uplift the mind and heart by evoking spiritual moods. They are considered sattvic in nature (promoting compassion, wisdom and loving kindness) and are conducive to meditation. Ylang Ylang is a flower oil that raises the spirit, relaxes mind and body and opens the heart. It is said to boost confidence and invoke peace and creativity. Jatamansi is a root oil that is warming, calming and grounding. It alleviates stress, anxiety and tension, supports deep sleep and releases subconscious trauma.

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Prana Life-Force Blend

  • Silver Fir (organic, Bosnia): uplifting & refreshing. Promotes mental clarity & opens breath channels. 
  • Pine (organic, France): cleansing, purifying,   stimulating, uplifting & refreshing. Releases negative emotions. 
  • Frankincense (wild-harvested, India): purifying, meditative, immune boosting. 
  • Rosemary verbenone (organic, South Africa):energizes the mind, decongestant for sinuses and lungs, increases mental clarity. 
  • Tea Tree (wild-harvested, Australia): purifying & cleansing, fast & effective healing capabilities.

Sthira focus and stability

  • Spruce Oil (Canada, organic):  purifying & cleansing,  dispels mental fatigue & stress. Promotes clarity of mind, steadiness & helps overcome sadness
  • Ylang-Ylang Oil (Madagascar, organic): raises the spirit & opens the heart, grounds & stabilizes, soothing to body & mind, boosts self-esteem
  • Silver Fir (Bosnia, organic): warming, promotes mental clarity, boosts energy, soothing to joint & muscles
  • Cedar Oil (India, wild-harvested): calming & grounding properties, promotes emotional equilibrium, stimulating to the body & calming to the mind
  • Frankincense Oil (India, wild-harvested): uplifting & clarifying, provides protection, life-force activating, helps the body stay limber and relaxed
  • Carrier Oil: Jojoba Oil, organic, unrefined & cold pressed

Sukha relaxing and comforting

  • Lavender Oil (organic, Bulgaria): cooling, relaxing & uplifting, helpful in overcoming anger, irritation and insecurity
  • Palmarosa Oil (organic, Ethiopia): sweet & lemony-herbaceous, calming & uplifting, provides comfort, cooling & moistening
  • Neroli (organic, Morocco): light, delicate & sweet, lifts the mood, soothing to mind & heart, promotes deep, restful sleep
  • Lime (organic, South Africa): purifying & detoxifying, astringent, immune supporting, refreshing, induces positivity
  • Vanilla (organic, Madagascar): sensual, awakens joy, boosts confident and optimism, evocative