Sthira - Steadiness Blend


Sthira - Steadiness Blend


focus & stability

Spruce Oil (Canada, organic):  purifying & cleansing,  dispels mental fatigue & stress. Promotes clarity of mind, steadiness & helps overcome sadness

Ylang-Ylang Oil (Madagascar, organic): raises the spirit & opens the heart, grounds & stabilizes, soothing to body & mind, boosts self-esteem

Silver Fir (Bosnia, organic): warming, promotes mental clarity, boosts energy, soothing to joint & muscles

Cedar Oil (India, wild-harvested): calming & grounding properties, promotes emotional equilibrium, stimulating to the body & calming to the mind

Frankincense Oil (India, wild-harvested): uplifting & clarifying, provides protection, life-force activating, helps the body stay limber and relaxed

Carrier Oil: Jojoba Oil, organic, unrefined & cold pressed

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