“I am new to Yogaworks and to Vivica’s class but I am a lifelong yogi and Pilates instructor. I was immediately drawn to Vivica’s gentle and instructive narration , her patience and obvious kindness. She clearly embodies all the qualities that one strives to cultivate as a yogi,  self awareness, inner strength,  tranquility and gratitude.

Vivica  is interested in her students and interacting with them obviously has a symbiotic effect on her as she weaves pranayama, drishti and sthira into a physically satisfying series of vinyasa flow poses.  Just today I am one step closer to a handstand thanks to the time Vivica took to explain technique to me.  I am grateful for having met her and will continue to seek out her classes. :)”

- Orly
"I live and work in Topanga Canyon where I offer WISH™ For Life In Balance Holistic Wellness Retreats to individuals, and small groups.  In designing my personalized Concierge Retreat program for VIPs I often include bringing my clients to Yoga Desa for Vinyasa classes lead by Vivica Schwartz.
Vivica’s classes are suitable for all levels of yoga experience, and gracefully melds nourishing flow that relaxes, calms, heats and invigorates one’s body. Because my own healing work with clients is based on mindfulness, heart and soul exploration in Topanga’s Nature environment, Vivica’s approach which uses conscious breathing and cultivation of awareness is a natural complement and integrates beautifully with my holistic wellness program.  Both I and my clients leave Vivica’s class feeling refreshed, stretched and ready for more fabulous breakthroughs and transformation."
- Dianne Porchia, MA, DMBM Founder Porchia’s WISH™ – Whole Integrated Self Health
I’ve been taking Vivica’s classes for several years and I can honestly say that I still get excited to come to each class. Vivica is a wonderful teacher and guide. She invites the student into a deep exploration of an inward journey through movement and breath. When I finish a class with her my body feels alive and my spirit sparkles. If you haven’t tried her yet, i highly recommend it. She’s the real deal.
— Iris Knobbs
Vivica Schwartz is wholly dedicated to connecting her students to their personal growth. When taking her classes you never feel there’s any ego or personal agenda in the way. What you get instead is thoughtful integrity, specific guidance and understanding. Her emphasis is on self-knowledge and healing. Her dedication to spiritual growth sidesteps the varied temptations of professional ambition. She guides her students with humility, steadiness, challenge and grace.
— Ellen South
I would like to tell you all what a wonderful teacher and friend Vivica is.
I have taken her Yoga class for about ten years now, I will continue to do so. Vivica brings a beautiful, calming energie into our practice. That is very important, because it keeps us all grounded.
All I can say, if you have not taken her class, you are missing out. Namaste.
— Karin Mac
Vivica is such a gifted teacher and healer. I have been attending her classes regularly for over 6 years now. Arriving in class is like being in a sacred temple. It’ s a special type of magic that she is able to weave. She is able to create such a safe space for the deeper teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda to take root. Her music, tone, adjustments, and guidance are always spot on. It’s really beautiful to watch her knowledge of Ayurveda begin to spread and blossom among her teachings. I am so grateful to have her in my life.
— Meaghan Snider
When you teach, you become a conduit that channels universe life force which flows through you like a river and out into the members of your class.
— Doug
Vivica, thank you so much for your wonderful classes. You always create such a warm, safe, & magical place for us to practice. The love & the energy that you share is so wonderful & inspiring & I’m so grateful to be able to take class & learn from you! Thank you for what you give.
— Asley Lorraine
I have been a student of yoga with Vivica Schwartz for several years and recently had the opportunity to have her guidance as my Ayurvedic Counselor. It was a transformative and healing experience for me. Pairing Vivica’s strength building, tension releasing, soul-healing yoga with her ayurvedic counseling work of body analysis and nutritional and lifestyle guidance has been a blessing in my life.

I now have a keener sense of how to balance my energy and keep my body, mind and emotions in alignment to get the most out of my life experiences. After all, the purpose of life is to be happy, yes? Thanks Vivica for your generous sharing of yourself and your gifts. May many more people be graced with your wisdom and love! Namaste. “Vivica you are a true healer.”
— Lisa LaMontagne
I’ve been practicing yoga for over 13 years and have learned from dozens of yoga instructors. To be completely honest, Vivica is my favorite teacher of all time.

In each of her classes, she captures a magical balance of mindfulness, meditation, physical exercise, and opportunities for flexibility that will leave you feeling like you’re floating. I am convinced that her classes make me a better yogi, a better mother, woman, therapist, and human being. I love her. And you will too.
— Danielle Vorzimer
Vivica has been instrumental in helping me expand my yoga practice both physically and mentally. Aside from loving the flow of her class and the music she plays there is something special you get that’s different from any other class. In the safe environment she creates I somehow manage to push myself further than I ever thought I could. I always walk away feeling a little lighter, and much more centered. The best version of me, ready to take on my day.
— Tricia DeTuno