Dear Vivica and Annmarie,

“I write this to you together, as I want to express my experience my gratitude and share how your blended offering impacted me over the weekend, and will continue. The weekend was exquisite. Every part was planned with thought and care, and in combination with your synchronisticenergies, you created aopen warm, safe space for us to connect in all the ways we did through the yoga, meditation, Vivica’s Ayurveda, and Annmaries’s voice. There is nothing like coming together in this way, where everyone comes in with open heart, and the connections, conversations and sharing are always from the inside out, no outside social behaviors. Isn’t it so great? 

Jill and I had an amazing experience, and will go anywhere you two offer this next!!!!! Really!!!!

With love and sending so much love to you both.”


Dear Vivica and Anne Marie,

“To be a part of the wonderful yoga retreat that Vivica and Ann Marie orchestrated was a joy. From the beginning to the very end,we were nourished by the gorgeous surroundings, wonderful food, incredible yoga and attention to detail that created an environment that was structured enough to be stable-yet free enough for our own spirits to flourish.

Between Vivica's hands and Anne Marie's beautiful voice, I was in heaven. I left the retreat with space in my head and body and a fullness in my heart that I haven't felt in a long time.

My only question is,"Where are we going next?"

Love you girl's.”



Vivica and Annemarie,

“Thank you so very much for a beautiful retreat.  You are both amazing teachers and the love and grace you put into every aspect of this past weekend was felt by everyone of us.  It was wonderful to have the time and space to observe, nourish and replenish our bodies with breath, movement and such unbelievably delicious food.  The sense of community and camaraderie was heart felt and fun, the talk and concert were thought provoking and inspiring, the combination of yoga classes and swimming pool was divine.

The shift I feel afterwards is deep.  It has helped me make some changes, I am now meditating early in the morning.  Let's hope I can keep it up at least until our next retreat!

Muchas gracias a las dos."

A big hug”