The Reset Program - Five Day Rejuvenation For The New Year - Click Here for more info.

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The Reset Program - Five Day Rejuvenation For The New Year - Click Here for more info.


Why reset the digestive system?

The Reset Program is a 5 day rejuvenation for the digestive system after the holidays to strengthen your digestive fire after the burden of excess alcohol, comfort food, sweets and in general over eating and drinking.

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Unlike a traditional Ayurveda cleanse, which is done in the Spring and Fall and consists of 7-11 days of eating kitchari, internal oleation with ghee and taking castor oil to purge the body of toxins, this reset program is shorter, more gentle and offer a greater variety of foods and beverages that are easy to digest, prana-rich and cleansing.

The reason we need to cleanse regularly is because our bodies are able to function best when they are clear of impurities. When we digest food better, we are further able to reap the nutrients of the food, nourishing our bodies with prana-rich nutrients, making us feel radiant and alive.

Cravings, bloating, weight-gain, acne, acidity, anxiety, depression and other symptoms many of us suffer from today are actually signs that we are malnourished, carry ama (toxins) in our body, eat to heavy too late in the day, or combine food poorly.

Even when we eat healthy foods, our digestive system is often not strong enough to break down our food, and a s a result of it we do not absorb the nutrients.

We need to look at both our diet and our digestive power to feel and look our best!

What this cleanse looks like:

  • We begin by cutting out common allergens, junk and hard to digest foods 3 days prior to our start date (Jan 6th) such as: meat, dairy, alcohol, recreational drugs, wheat (and other gluten) corn, soy, sugar (refined and otherwise), empty carbs (pasta, breads), all frozen and junk foods.
  • We eat a clean diet of vegetables (cooked and raw), fruits (stewed and raw), juices and kitchari for 5 days. We move our bodies every day through nature walks, Yoga, or other preferred movement that massages the internal organs and gets the heart-rate going.
  • We commit to meditating daily, chanting (if you like), gratitude journaling and self-massage (abhyanga).

What you will receive from us:

  • A shopping list prior to the cleanse
  • A zoom video meeting (from your computer or phone) on Jan 5th where we walk you through all the steps of the rest program
  • e-book with many healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, including teas and juices
  • Three 30minute yoga videos: enhance your digestion, dynamic flow, rejuvenate & restore
  • Guided loving meditation (audio)
  • Two breath-work videos
  • Private Facebook group for accountability, sharing and food-pic posting

Your investment in your health:  $95

I will be co-leading this program with my friend and mentor Aparna Khanolkar, an incredible Ayurvedic chef, author, dancer and mother. Please read about her here: